Dodgers,a rough spot

October 20, 2016

28 Years since my team has graced the World Series. I really wish they could break through but I do not believe this I’d their year. Cubs are showing why they have the best record in the league. 

Game six is there for the taking. Keyshawn can beat the Cubs. I think this goes to game seven. It wil then be up to Lackey and Rich Hill. 

I think Utley and Toles give the team more spark. I also think Blanton will bounce back. He has been stellar all season, Puig is good coming off the bench against the lefties in the bull pen. 


RMR -Lucas Oil Mods-great race but disappointing finish

July 24, 2016

July 23-
The modifieds made their yearly appearance at Rocky Mountain Raceway. It proved to be an exciting night. The 28 cars attempting to qualify for  the A main each tried their best (minus one). One car actually pulled over to finish fifth in the B main.

The B main was loaded and had the potential. Of course an opening lap crash knocked half the field. Then the series officials talked about cancelling the rest of the race. I guess the fans in the stands really do not mean anything to the officials.. The communication officials seemed to negotiate with the drivers before making decisions.

The largest crowd to see a Lucas Oil race in the history of the series. It became a great race. It was competitive, challenging and exciting for the fans. The final laps were laced with controversy and the drivers held their spots and provided a sellable race.

Afterwards spotters in the crowd were complaining about the local drivers skills. They talked about a lead lap car that held up their drivers. They felt like their drivers should have been given the free pass. “let us by, we are racing for points”

Then I read on Facebook the drivers complaining about the ling drive home. “that is the last time to go up there ” They were asking officials not to come to Salt Lake. It is too far away.

Eric Rhead and Chris Cook travel with the series. They make the long trip every race. My tolerance for the Lucas Oil series is low. Can RMR find another traveling series to come in? What about Royal Purple?

I would like to see Mike Eames  reach out to a closer racing series and grow something more local.Is there a late-model series available?

Salt Lake City deserves better.

There are very talented drivers in this area. Mark Ith Jr., Lynn Hardy and Michael Haddenham come ti mind. I wonder if Royal Purple cam here if these guys might become regulars in that sereis?

I guess only they can answer that.

Modified shoot-out not so good

June 25, 2016

I am not a big fan of Rocky Mountain Raceway’s modified shoot-out tonight. I hope the payout made it worth it to win.

RMR had 15 modifieds for their show tonight. The possibilities existed for a great night of racing. Instead it became a follow the leader boring type of night. The idea ia there, but it needs to be tweaked just a little.

Five heats of three cars each were sort of boring. Three cars on a 3/8 mile oval lacked any action and became a follow the leader exhibition. Shawn Price was fast qualifier in his heat but failed to advance to the main. Dan McCoy pulled his number 20 car in front of him and pulled away with the victory. Price’s second place finish placed him on the poll of the last chance race.

Jimmy Waters quit in his heat race. When it became evident the Nick Parker was the faster car Waters backed off and coasted around the track.

The most exciting race of the night was the last chance main. The top three cars advanced to the A Main. Roger Wilson had three spins and his yellow flags kept the field close together. Price pulled away for the victory, but the real excitement came from the third place transfer spot. The final yellow allowed Todd Beach, the 13th fastest qualifier, to jump in front of Waters and send him home for the night.

The 25 lap shoot-out was uneventful and modifieds point leader Lynn Hardy said on his radio as he left the track “That kind of race sucks.”

Michael Haddenham took home the victory in the A main after he advanced from the last chance race. McCoy was second and Nick Parker took third. Hardy maintained his points lead after three races on the season.

Money in sports?

January 1, 2016

My son and I just finished an hour long argument about the money professional teams can make.

@chris_james32 (my son) thinks that teams should expand their fan base by playing games in different locations. It started that the Avalanche should play a regular season home game in Rice Eccles stadium. His argument was that the Avs would gain more fans and more money.

I doubt it.

First,if playing games all over the place was a money making proposition, the teams would be doing it. Second, I believe it costs money to constantly move games all over the place.

Our argument progressed into teams moving to more profitable places (LA, Mexico and London). He thinks that the NFL and NBA should expand into these places. I think if it was profitable they would have done it already.

The NFL has been out of LA since 1994 when the Radiers bolted back to Oakland. It was a fiasco (of course Al Davis should not be held as a great business model). If NFL teams thought it was profitable to be in LA they would have done it years ago. The lack of a modern stadium and the mixing pot of the people makes it hard to build a fan base.

The Jazz tried playing regular season games in Las Vegas that turned out to be a disaster. Games with less than half filled capacity became the norm.

Do professional teams roll in the money we think they do?

utahn starts a nascar race

September 26, 2015

My story for the city journals on Michael Self. He starts again tonight!Utahan Starts NASCAR Race #2 Utahan Starts NASCAR Race #1

Gaining momentum and passing the competition is on the mind of a Utah race car driver. Michael Self has become the first Utahan to race at the national level of NASCAR; the Xfinity Series.

Self started the US Cellular 250 Aug. 1 at Iowa Speedway. He qualified 19th, ran as high as 15th before his right front tire failed sending him into the wall and finishing his night. Ryan Blaney led 252 of the 260 laps for the win, Self finished 32nd.

“Iowa was the first time I had been in a full-sized stock car in two years. I had to brush off some of cobwebs and focus and relearn my spot and learn to adapt to the car,” Self said.

Self was born in Alabama and his family moved to Park City when he was four years old. He began racing go-karts at 10 years old at Wasatch Raceway Park in Lehi. He graduated from Park City High School in 2009 and had been enrolled at the University of Utah until racing obligations limited his time.

Iowa Speedway is a race track that Self has had some experience on. He won a K & N West Series race there in 2012. He was a full-time K & N series competitor in 2011-2014.

“In the end we did not have a great weekend. The finish was not what we had hoped for, but everything up to the point that the right front tire ended our night exceeded my expectations,” Self said.

Iowa Speedway is billed as “the fastest short track on the planet.” It is a 7/8 mile asphalt paved tri-oval designed by NASCAR hall-of-famer Rusty Wallace. Self said his past success at the track helped him to get comfortable in the car.

“The speeds are not crazy high, it is an easy track to drive and I had a spotter that helped to make me comfortable,” Self said. “Racing against the big names like Chase Elliot and Ryan Blaney is not intimidating. I have beaten them before. I can compete with them; I have just not gotten the opportunity like they have. I want to go out and prove that I can still do it against them. I want to be a force to be reckoned with.”

Self is racing for JD Motorsports, a North Carolina based team for four races this season. They include Iowa (32nd place finish), The Zippo 200 at Watkins Glen International in New York (finished 37th with a broken driveline), The Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (finished 27 after running as high as fourth ) and the Road American 180 in Atlanta, Ga. Aug. 29 (after press deadline).

“It would be a dream come true to run full-time in this series next year. It will depend on how we perform and see if another opportunity opens up for me,” Self said.

His words of advice to young racers with hopes and dreams to race at the highest level are to listen.

“Listen to the people around you and the experts. Find people that have been involved in the sport for a long time. I got into trouble sometimes. I thought I knew everything. I had won everything there was to win, go-karts, overseas and everywhere I had been. I thought I knew it all. It took me a lot of money and wrecked equipment to realize I needed to change some things. Listening is the biggest thing that helped my career,” Self said.

Riverton at Sky View (Idaho)

August 28, 2015

Long trip up north for the Silverwolves. I know nothing about them and so I willl not pick this game. This trip is always an eye opener for the Silverwolves. They come back hungry and ready to play the rest of the season.

Bingham at Herriman

August 28, 2015

Oh boy, can the Mustangs schedule the Dallas Cowboys next week. They have played a tough schedule to start the season. Herriman had a rough start. They made so many mistakes, dropped passes and fumbles. They could have beat Brighton last week. Bingham will be a new coin for sure. They struggled the last week with a mediocre Westlake team. Ranked sixth in the nation for a reason though.

I pick Bingham by 7


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